“And they were deeply offended and refused to believe in him. Then Jesus told them, ‘A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his own family.’ And so he did only a few miracles there because of their unbelief.”
Matthew 13:57-58 (NLT)

There is doubt, then there is unbelief. Doubt comes from many different places. It could be feeling of not being loved that would cause a person to doubt whether God would love them or not. An unanswered prayer could cause someone to doubt the next time they go to pray for God’s intervention. There are many variables that can cause us to doubt God’s ability or desire to work on our behalf. This is where faith and hope come in. Then there is unbelief. Most of the time unbelief comes from our presuppositions, traditions or allegiance to an ideology or group. The Pharisees had their own beliefs and nothing could cause then to reconsider Jesus. So did those in Jesus’ own home town. He came back home and all the talk of Jesus being the Messiah was too much for them to bare. You see they had their religious and political vision of who the Messiah would be and it certainly wasn’t the Jewish boy who grew up down the street. Matthew says they were “deeply offended and refused to believe in Him.” The result was tragic. They missed the biggest blessing of their life. Jesus had transformed towns and villages all throughout the region by teaching and healing. His own home town could have used His touch, but instead they had beliefs that got in the way. Today, ask yourself, “What keeps me from trusting in Jesus?” If it is doubt, talk to God about it. Ask Him for the faith and hope that you need. If however, it is hardcore unbelief, ask God to expose traditions and false doctrines that get in your way of believing in Him. Bring them to Christ and trade them in for faith.

Father, I believe, but help my unbelief. Help me let go of anything that stands in the way of my faith in You. Help me grow in my understanding and trust in You more and more.



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