Love Sincerely

“Love must be sincere.”
Romans 12:9 (NIV)

The Pharisees had their own system of religion. They strived to be God’s servant but were a hundred miles off. We say to ourselves, “We would never do that!” After all Christianity is about love, not rules and regulations and yet we can be just as self absorbed about how we should love than the Pharisees ever were. We need to love God in certain ways. We create rules about the different kinds of people we should and shouldn’t love and fall into a “religious” lifestyle. Should of, could of, must; pretty soon we end up with a system instead of a lifestyle. Paul was telling the Romans that their love must be sincere. Dr. Benner in his book, “Desiring God’s Will” writes, “To really receive love – to become love we must be prepared to surrender the keys of the kingdom of self. Intuitively we believe the lie that the route to personal freedom and fulfillment is through self-assertion and self-determination – through grasping and control. The way that has its roots in the nature of the Father God whose name is Love is totally different. We become love only by surrender and self-sacrifice.” Sincere love is not about rules and regulations, it is about living for God everyday and following Him as He leads us.

Father, thank you for Your Holy Spirit. I trust that You will lead me everyday in the way of love. Guide me in the freedom of trusting You and living out sincere love with complete surrender.



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