Gateway Of Hope

“I will – transform the Valley of Trouble into a gateway of hope.”
Hosea 2:15 (NLT)

We have our valleys of trouble don’t we. In this particular passage the troubles were self inflicted. How many times have we participated in our own downfall? And yet, God’s mercies are not shaken. Instead, He turns our valley of trouble into a gateway of hope. What a beautiful metaphor. A gateway is an escape from trouble and at the same time a doorway to hope. Isn’t that how God works? He takes our smallest step toward escape and turns it into a new direction. Today, no matter what trouble you have, no matter how hopeless it seems, God wants to give you a gateway of hope. You may be in a deep, deep valley of trouble, but today God wants to turn it into a gateway of hope. Come and let Him transform your trouble. 

Dear Father, nobody knows the trouble I have. Only You do. And You have said that You would transform my valley of troubles into a gateway of hope. How I need that transformation. Work in my heart now, dear Lord. Show me the gateway of hope that I may enter it and find the peace, joy and rest I have been looking for.

I have HOPE today
As you quiet your self before God, ask Him to fill your heart with hope. Picture yourself on top of a hill looking into the valley below. Troubles are everywhere, but as you meditate on God’s love and power, you can see the trouble begin to dissipate. You see a gate and a path leading out of the valley to a land of hope. Go to that gateway and walk through. As you see yourself go through the gateway, sense the transformation from trouble to hope. Let joy well up in your heart and say out loud, “I have hope today. Hope in God almighty.”


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