Walk In The Light

“You have kept my feet from slipping. So now I can walk in your presence, O God, in your life-giving light.”
Psalms 56:13 (NIV)

It makes a difference where you walk. I’ve hiked in many different terrains, in all kinds of weather but the hardest of all was along a mountain path in the dark. There is nothing more treacherous than walking along a cliff when it is slippery. Add to that the inability to see the edge of the cliff and the dangers ahead and you have a deadly combination. Some tried to make it in the rain and slipped down the side of the mountain. Life can be that way too. How many times does it feel we are on a slippery path in the dark? All around us is danger but we can’t see the path. David knew what that felt like. So he chose a different way. He cried out to God and God took him from the slippery path and brought him into His very own presence. You see, today we have a choice. We can do what David did. He decided to trust God and walk in His presence. He chose to walk in God’s life-giving light. You can too. Come to God today; He will stop you from slipping. You never have to walk in darkness again. 

Oh Father, how often I end up on a slippery path in the dark. Thank You for loving me and providing a way out. I come to You now and ask that You keep me from slipping. Help me today to walk in the awareness of Your presence, in Your life-giving light.

I live in God’s presence, in His life-giving light
Stop and picture yourself beginning to slip down a side of a mountain. You catch a branch and cry out for help. Jesus is there and reaches out to save you. Sense Him lifting you up and putting you on a beautiful bright path. It is the path of God’s presence. Take a deep breath and feel yourself in His life-giving light. Sense the peace and joy that surrounds you. Feel the warmth of His love. This is home; this is where God wants you to live. Affirm deep in your heart, “Today I will enjoy the life-giving light of His presence.”


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