Grace and Power

“Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, performed amazing miracles and signs among the people.”
Acts 6:8 (NLT)

If given a choice, which would you rather be filled with? God’s grace or God’s power? At first, it seemed obvious that I would choose God’s power. His mighty power is able to do more than we could ever imagine. With this power, Stephen did amazing miracles and signs among the people. Oh God, fill me with Your power! But upon second thought, what good is the power of God without His grace? His grace is what guides the power. It is His grace that forgives, sets free, that loves. It is very possible to have God’s power in my life and without His grace, not use it for His glory. However, if I were really filled with God’s almighty grace, I am convinced His power would follow. Grace is the power of God to change lives. Grace is the power of love. Grace is the vessel that God’s power chooses to flow through. So today let us pray that God would fill us with His grace so that His power will work through us in amazing miracles and signs.

Oh Jesus, fill me with Your grace. Not a small part of me, all of me. Help me be completely led by Your grace. Because of Your grace I pray that Your power would flow through me to those in need. Lord, You did it in the early church. Bring revival again today. Rain down your grace and power I pray. Begin it in me.

I desire God’s grace and power to be manifested in my life
Visualize yourself in the loving presence of God. As you sit there you can sense His kindness. Next you feel his acceptance. This is followed by His empathy and complete understanding of who you are. His forgiveness and deep love for you begin to invade your awareness and you sense yourself beginning to really understand God’s grace. As you begin to get a grasp on what grace is, you find yourself wanting more. “More grace God”, you cry out. God hears and He pours His grace into you grace and soon you are full. You feel satiated and are overwhelmed with a sense of purpose and meaning. You must give His grace away. As you do you begin to feel God’s power, you are amazed at the way God begins to reach out to others through you. His grace and power are alive in your life and mighty miracles are happening. You cry out to God, “More God, fill me more with your grace and power.  


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