Quench My Thirst

As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.
I thirst for God, the living God.
Psalms 42:1-2 (NLT)

There is a deep thirst in our heart for God. David used the analogy of a deer that has been walking in rough terrain, foraging for food only to build an incredible need for water. Driven by thirst, the deer longs to drink from a stream. In the same way David says that he had a thirst for God. Brennan Manning writes in his book, “Abba’s Child”, “The deepest desire of our hearts is for union with God. From the first moment of our existence our most powerful yearning is to fulfill the original purpose of our lives – We are made for God, and nothing less will really satisfy us.” The meadows, though lush with grass, could not give the deer what it needed. The deer longed for water. Likewise, we can try everything imaginable to satisfy our needs but only God can fill the void in our heart. Have you come to that realization yet? Have you satisfied your soul with the love of Jesus? If not, why not turn to Him today. He will hear you. He will quench your soul’s deepest thirst.

Father, I thirst. I thirst deep, deep in my soul. I ask You to come and fill me with Your living waters. Satisfy the longing in my heart and make me whole. In Jesus’ Name.

God quenches the deep thirst of my soul
Thirst is a physical condition. It has a physical presence. Visualize yourself coming in from a long hot walk. Your mouth is dry, your mind is telling you that you need a drink of water. It is a craving that can only be quenched by water. Feel the satisfaction as you pick up a cold glass of water and drink it down. Ahhh! Likewise when your soul is thirsty we feel it. Picture yourself with a spiritual thirst leaving you with an ache deep in your heart. And then you see Jesus. He says, “Come, I have living water.” He gives you a drink and your soul is revived. You can feel the peace flow through your body and again you say, “Ahhh!” You affirm, “God quenches the deep thirst of my soul!”


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