“LORD, if you kept a record of our sins, who, O Lord, could ever survive? But you offer forgiveness.”
Psalms 130:3-4 (NLT)

It is easy to keep a record of sins. How many times have we found ourselves caught up in bitterness over someone’s repeated offences against us? How many times should we continue to forgive? Jesus addressed that very question when Peter asked Him how many times we should forgive someone. Peter in a magnanimous gesture suggests seven times, but Jesus said seven times seventy was more like it. The truth is God’s love is greater than we can imagine. David was trying to make that point in this passage. He was amazed at the fact that God was totally justified in keeping record of all our wrongs but chooses not to. Instead, what does God do? He offers forgiveness. Forgiveness is a powerful healer. Is there something weighing heavy on your heart? Is there a secret sin or something from the past you need to repent of? Today, bring it to God. The God who does not keep a ledger of your wrongdoings but instead offers complete forgiveness.

Father, thank You for not keeping a record of my wrongs. Today I bring my sins to You and ask You to forgive me and set me free. In Jesus’ name.

Jesus Forgives All My Sin
See Jesus as He makes His way to the cross. Beaten, spat upon, a crown of thorns. He carries His cross and is then crucified upon it. See Him hanging between heaven and earth. Feel His sacrifice. Sense the immense love He has for you that drove Him to this moment. You come beneath the cross and as He looks at you, you finally understand. He is not there to keep track of all your wrongdoing, but to provide complete forgiveness. Meditate on His love for you and affirm, “Jesus forgives all my sin!”


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