“On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.”
John 14:20 (NIV)

Realization is different than knowing something. You can “know” how difficult something may be and later explain, “I never realized how much work it was really going to be!” Knowing can be academic or theoretical whereas realization is experiential knowledge. True realization is an awakening. It is an “aha” moment. We can “know” all about Christ, but realizing His presence is something totally different. In today’s verse there are two things that Jesus wants us to realize, not just know. The first is, “because He rose again from the dead, we should realize He is equal with God the Father.” Jesus is equal to God. Do you realize that? Second, because we believe He has a special relationship to God the Father, we should realize that, “He has a special relationship with us.” As God the Father is “in” Jesus, Jesus is “in” us. Ask yourself, “When am I going to start living as if the Almighty God of the Universe is living in me?” “When am I going to realize all that is mine because Jesus Christ is my Savior?” It is not too late. Today, meditate on the fact that Jesus lives in you and you live in Him. Ask Him to help you realize how knowing Him in such a marvelous way should affect the way you live.

Father, thank you for your presence in my life. Thank You for making me Your child. I pray that today I may come into a full realization of what it means to have You alive in me.

Christ lives in me
Meditate on the life of Jesus. See Him living in accordance with God’s will. See Him and God the Father as one. As you realize Jesus living in God, picture Jesus living in you. Sense His presence. Feel His power and love fill your being. Feel His calling on your life. Dedicate yourself to Him and affirm, “Christ lives in me!”


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