But they soon forgot what he had done and did not wait for his counsel.
Psalms 106:13 (NIV)

There is a difference between a memory lapse and apathy. We can be sincere about something and forget a few details. However, if we fail to show up, to be involved or care for details over and over again, then our sincerity is in doubt. It can be this way with Christ. It starts out with other things choking out our passion, emotion, or excitement about Christ and then leads into a lack of interest in or concern for things of God. The people of God allowed themselves to forget what God had done in the past. The lessons of faith that they should have incorporated into their life were never cultivated. It wasn’t long and they began to live as if God didn’t exist at all. What can you do to protect your soul from this spiritual apathy? How can you take deliberate steps in order preserve your Christian walk? You do it by being disciplined in your spirituality. It is your remembrance of His promises, the recalling the many miracles you have witnessed, the active reading of the scriptures and spending time with God seeking His counsel that will keep you from falling. These spiritual disciplines will protect you when facing temptation. They will be your guide when you have hard decisions to make. May the remembrance of all He has done for you, give you the confidence you need to continue to follow Him.

Father, help me to remember all You have done for me so I will seek Your counsel and allow You to guide me as I go through this day. AMEN


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