You Are Valuable

So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.
Matthew 10:31 (NLT)

We are valuable to God! Why is it that I wrestle with that so much? Why can’t I accept the fact that God’s love defines my value, not my performance, material belongings or status? I have value because God says I do! It is the lack of believing in our value that causes us to create a false self. In “The Deeper Journey”, M. Robert Mulholland Jr. writes, “As our false self manages our life, we fear that we might not be valued. If our false self’s identity is rooted in our performance, then our value must be rooted in how well we perform. – To the extent our false self guides our life, we fear others. Life with others is a constant threat to our false self. – Others are constant threats to that fragile structure we have created to provide ourselves with identity, meaning, value and purpose.” Jesus came to declare how valuable we are. He would not have wasted His life and died the horrible death He did for something of little value. No, He came to redeem the most valuable thing to Him in the whole universe, the human race. Today, know that you are loved by God. Know that you are valued by Him.

Father, thank You that You love me and created me with value. Might the thought that I am valuable to You change my life today and set me free from the fear and bondage of trying to earn Your love. In Jesus’ name.


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