You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
I John 4:4 (NIV)

The early church was persecuted for their faith. Many were ostracized from society, living in poverty and starvation. Others were imprisoned. Many martyred for their faith. But ironically, this persecution caused the church to flourish. It forced them to band together and have a bond of love that the world has never seen again. It was an infectious witness to those around them. Instead, what was more of a spiritual challenge for the church was Satan’s battle for their mind. It was an all-out assault on the truth of the Gospel. During the time this passage was written there many people challenging the core of Christianity. There were some who said that the death of Jesus was not enough that we still had to obey the Jewish law. Others said that Christ was not the real Messiah, or Christ was not the real Son of God. Today it is the same story. Neil Anderson, in his book, “Bondage Breaker” reminds us that our battle with Satan is not a power struggle but a truth encounter. Satan comes to us as the father of lies. We are assaulted by one lie after another. Doubts and half-truths constantly attack our mind. But we need not despair. Why? Because John wrote that we are from God and have overcome all these falsehoods and lies of Satan. How is that so? Because Christ in you is greater than Satan and his spirits of deception that is in the world. Today, when lies, doubts, and half-truths come your way, resist them. Tell them to flee from your mind and focus on the greater thing, the truth of Christ and His love for you.

Thank You, Lord, for Your strength and power. Thank You for protecting me. But also, Lord, thank You for Your truth and the fact that You are greater than Satan and his lies. Lord fill me with Your truth.


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