Get the truth and never sell it; also get wisdom, discipline, and good judgment.
Proverbs 23:23 (NLT)

You would think that “truth” would be a priority in our life. But not so. If we examined our lives, we would be shocked at how many lies we believe. Dr. Chris Thurman, in his book “The Lies We Believe,” exposes many of the lies that we take for granted. Lies like, “I must have everyone’s love and approval.” “I can’t be happy unless things go my way.” “Life should be easy.” How about this one, “Because I am a Christian, God will protect me from pain and suffering.” There are so many more that we believe. Jesus told us that truth would set us free. Why? Because He knew that lies keep us in bondage. What can you do? Challenge the lies you believe by asking God for the truth. Lies usually come at the expense of ignorance, so Solomon suggests that you also ask God for wisdom and the discipline needed to act on it. Finally, Solomon suggests we exercise good judgment. Sound judgment and discernment will keep us living according to the truth we decide to believe. Today, ask God for His truth, wisdom, and discipline and let the truth set you free.

Father, it is so easy to believe a lie. Worst, too often, I am tempted to live a lie. I need Your help. I want to live in truth. Give me the wisdom, discipline, and good judgment I need to know and live the truth today.


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