Our One True God

Israel is full of silver and gold; there is no end to its treasures. Their land is full of warhorses; there is no end to its chariots. Their land is full of idols.
Isaiah 2:7-8 (NLT)

This is one of the saddest passages in the Scriptures. Think about it. Here is a picture of God’s people. They were blessed beyond belief. They had gold, silver, and more treasures than they could ever use. They had mighty armies. They had everything they could possibly want. And yet the passage says, “Their land is full of idols.” What was that about? How could they be so blessed by God and yet wander so far from Him? They wandered from God in the same way we do, one idol at a time. It comes in the form of small compromises in their spirituality. They didn’t give up their religion; instead, they added to it. At least, that is how they saw it. As they mingled with other nations, they began to let other influences creep in. Many, who were nominal in their allegiance to God, were easily swayed. Who said that a medium couldn’t speak for God? Who were they to say that the other prophets were wrong? Surely all roads led to universal enlightenment and eventually to God Himself. Sound familiar? Today we have just as many influences. Our land is full of idols. Look around us. People are hungry for spirituality, and there are all kinds of religions, mediums, magic, witches, spirit guides, mysticism, meditations, and practices that try to fill that void. Examine your own heart. Are you dependent on the Holy Spirit and the word of God for your spiritual nourishment? Or have you let other influences creep into your spiritual life? Today, let us repent of any “idols” and live for and worship the one true God.

Father, forgive me for allowing other influences to come between You and me. You are the true and living God, and there are no others. I pledge my worship and allegiance to You.


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