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78 thoughts on “Sign-up For This Daily Devotion”

  1. I have really enjoyed reading these devotionals. Could you please add me to the email distribution list? Thanks!

  2. please email me a daily devotion. the devotion helped me deal with the many thoughts i have. i have 2 girls in the military. soon they will be away from home. i need help to go through the day.

  3. Listening daily devotion makes a day go good,it makes us feel very cool all through the day.people should start their day with
    some good devotional things.
    “Christian Drug Rehab”

  4. Please subscribe me to your daily devotional and send me the corresponding email every day, the link you provide for subscription does not work but gives an error.

  5. I would like to sign up to receive this daily devotional by email but when I click the link it is not gpoing through can you please assist…thanks

  6. HI – When I tried to sign up by clicking the link, it took me to a Constant Contact website. Would you please add me to your list?

    Thank you!

    1. The devotional comes to you via Constant Contact. It is called “Moment In The Word” It is the same identical devotional. I will sign you up. THanks Ron Ovitt

  7. Hi Pastor Ron,

    I have already signed up for your Daily Devotional. This is such a wonderful work that you are doing for the Body of Christ and I just need to say thanks. I have prayed and search for a devotional message that is true to God’s word.

    Blessings in Him!

    Thank you, glenn

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