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A Deeper Faith

“For they did not believe God or trust him to care for them.”
Psalms 78:22 (NLT)

I must admit that I am guilty. I do not always believe God or trust Him to care for me. I am not being glib, I am not proud of it. And even though I deeply believe in the grace of God, I shutter when I think of God’s anger toward the Israelites for their unbelief. My unbelief goes against God’s Holy plan for mankind. My fear, because I doubt whether or not God wants to or even can care for me, flies in the face of everything God wants to do in my life. I get up some mornings and the best I can mustard is, “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.” But the amazing fact is, He hears my prayer. He knows my fears, He knows my doubts and as I commune with Him, His Holy Spirit prays on my behalf and starts to churn hope, and faith and perseverance deep into my heart. And I press on. I cry, “I believe Lord, help my unbelief” and God begins to reveal Himself and I start to believe all over again. His faithfulness is greater than my forgetfulness. His nurturing, caring, loving grace is greater than all my sin, even my unbelief. This I truly believe. Today, repent, believe and trust Him. He does care for you.

Father, I am so glad I can come to You in my human frailty. I ask forgiveness for my unbelief. I need You and trust You to speak to me, comfort me and guide me into a deeper faith.


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